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MinErbs - Small Shop Feature

Posted by Katie Convertino on

About the Company

MinErbs is a small family business created by mother & daughter-in-law (Simona and Nikita). They pour their whole hearts into creating nature-based products from remedies passed down from Simona's Latvian upbringing. Her accredited education partnered with Nikita's commitment to provide the purest, most meaningful goods for her children is the inspiration behind their products. They say: "As you cultivate the well-being of your precious families, we are honored to share our love & dreams through our products in your beloved daily rituals."

What we love about the brand

MinErbs creates small batches of nature-based products. They use a combination of locally wild harvested ingredients and ethically sourced ingredients. All of their products are botanical-based and 100% natural. And, can we talk about how beautiful their packaging is? They have absolutely no:

  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • talcum
  • SLS
  • petroleum derivatives
  • mineral oils
  • artificial fragrances, pigments, or colorants
  • testing on animals


Charcoal & Rose Face Cleanser | Glow Rose & Bramble Mist | Glow Serum

I've had the opportunity to personally use all of these products and they are really great. The charcoal cleanser foams up just a tiny bit and leaves my face feeling smooth and clean. The Rose & Bramble Mist has a mix of rose & witch hazel scent to it and is very refreshing. The serum is moisturizing and doesn't leave your skin oily. You can read more about each of these products, their ingredients, and uses by clicking the links above. 


Little Explorer's Shoo BugBlue Chamomile - Baby Balm 

As much as I love using natural products on myself, I love using natural products on my son even more. I limited myself to these two products even though I wanted them all - ha! I've been looking for a natural bug spray so I was super excited to find this! I haven't had a chance to try it out yet since it's been raining here, but I've heard great things! and this baby balm smells amazing! Also, I'm slightly obsessed with the color of it.

MinErbs is an amazing brand with some amazing women behind it! If you'd like to check out more of their products, click here.


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