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About Us

June Park is a small, family run business based in Southern California. We are Katie, Joey, Cru & Coen and we are the faces behind the brand. We are so excited to welcome you along this journey of creating clothing that is meant to be lived in, played in, and adventured in.
June Park launched in 2014 and has been through quite the journey over the years, much in line with the ebs and flows of our personal life. We welcomed our first son in 2016 and our second son in 2018 (along with moving from Nashville to California). Many customers have been around long enough to watch both our family and our business grow and many have turned into dear friends over the years.
Although June Park has grown and changed over the years, the focus behind the brand has always remained the same: to create quality, everyday pieces that spark play, creativity, and imagination. Our design inspiration comes from colors, nature, textures, architecture, and most importantly, from observing the creative thoughts and ideas of a child's mind.
A huge part of our ongoing focus is seeking out the use of ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. Up until recently, every single item has been sewn out of our own home and while it has always been a priority to source sustainable/ethical supplies, we are still seeking out the best practices in a few areas, especially as we begin moving into small batch manufacturing within the US.
Thank you for being on this journey with us, for supporting our dream, and for being a part of the June Park community.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions at or follow us on IG @shopjunepark