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Coen is one: Camp Coen

Posted by Katie Convertino on

my baby is ONE!

 How to make balloon arch 

Things you need:
balloons. (I used 2 colors: champagne and pastel brown)
Use a balloon pump (or your mouth) to blow up the balloons. Typically, I recommend getting at least two sizes and then I still blow them up all differently - some big, some smaller. Attach the balloons to the balloon tape (I like the one I linked because you can slide them into a smaller hole so that they are more secure). I tie a string through one of the holes and use a command hook to hang the arch by that string.

One Year of Coen Ryker Board

name sign: etsy, & then painted | board: home depot | paint pens | prints: costco
bears used for chocolate milk

Birthday Boy

bench: flea market | faux sheepskin & stool: IKEA | pillow: Maewoven | Camp Coen sign: I made it using canvas fabric, acrylic paint & a dowel. I hung it with the same command hooks linked above.
chalkboard: IKEA | chalk markers I use for all my chalkboard signs


cake stand (older target, but similar here) | beeswax birthday candle


 piñata | dowel: Home Depot

Some of our favorite gifts

books (linked in Amazon store)
All gift ideas, party supplies & more linked in my Amazon store.

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