Home Tour: Kids Room

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white pillow (target) | faux fur pillow| sage pillow | orange pillow| bookshelves | wall map| bunny| blanket (target) | washable rug

Many of you know that I love decorating and I’m so excited to share little snippets of our new home with you. One of the first rooms I worked on finishing was the boys room. We’re a cosleeping family so the boys sleep with us, but I wanted them to have their own space to hang out in. I love the way their room turned out; it’s simple, yet functional, and I know the boys will have fun hanging out and playing in there together. 

accessories linked above


bookshelf (Land of Nod) | Cheetah print & basket (Home Goods) | crib | washable rug | lion blanket | cloud pillow | wall hanging
I set the crib up in case Coen ended up being the baby that loved his own space, but he loves sleeping with us and being held 100% of the time, just like his big brother did. Eventually (when I get the energy), I'll take the crib down and I'm thinking about putting a Nugget couch in there for the boys! 

dresser | dressser knobs | humidifer | hangers | basket (Home Goods)

When we bought the house, this room had amazing built in shelves (not pictured because I still need to style them), and no closet doors. Immediately, I knew I wanted to leave the closet open and put a cute dresser in it. We just switched out the knobs on this dresser and it was perfect! To find out where I get a lot of the boys clothes, visit my personal IG @katie_convertino

washable rug

You guys, this rug is SO SO good and it's WASHABLE! How amazing is that? Cru is a major snacker and loves anything cheese flavored (see below) so we find orange marks everywhere. I love that I can let him snack it up in his room and not worry about having to clean stains off a cream rug!

I've done a little more to his room since and it's gotten a little messier and more filled with toys, but he loves having his own room to go into and play in!

Here are a few progress photos from when we were working on the room:


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Birth Story: Coen Ryker

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Sunday, November 25th, 2018 is the day we welcomed our second son, Coen Ryker, into the world. It's a day I'll never forget.


We made a cross country move from Nashville, TN back to near where we grew up in Southern California when I was 7 months pregnant. Through this whole process, I think I gave a whole new meaning to "nesting." We packed up an entire house, stayed with our in-laws while we had minor renovations done to our new home, and finally moved in in October, when I was 8 months pregnant. To say we went through some crazy transitions in 2018 is an understatement. I stood on step stools that I wasn't sure could hold my weight, ran a million errands with an anti-napping almost-three year old, attended family gatherings, and tried to get as settled as we could before welcoming our sweet, second son. We had big family get togethers with each of our parents. Saturday, November 24th was our family gathering with my dad, who had just finished his 12th, and final, round of chemo. I really wanted to make it to this BBQ before having the baby. I was out in the garage on Nov 23 at midnight, staining a 10' shelf we had just made for our house. Well, I made it through the BBQ, we got the shelf hung, and Coen came the next day! Here is an account of his birth story:



Nov 20: 38 week OB apt

I was 3cm dilated and 75% effaced. The doctor laughed at me when I asked if there was any chance we'd reach a point where I might need to be induced. She had a student in training with her and  they said "Oh girl, you are about to have a baby; we wouldn't be surprised if we saw you at the hospital in a few days."

Nov 22: Thanksgiving Day

We woke up that morning and I told Joey that I thought I was having either minor contractions or Braxton Hicks. I really was hoping baby boy would stay in a bit longer. We went to my moms for Thanksgiving and spent the day surrounded by family. I continued to have minor, non-painful contractions.

Nov 24: Family BBQ

Non-painful contractions continued all day. We had a family BBQ, swam, and hung out here at our house. My dad asked to take a picture with me since he didn't have any with me while I was pregnant. This turned out to be my last pregnant photo. After we ate, I didn't feel very good and I told my sister that my dad either made a bad burger or I might be in early labor. I had a few June Park orders so after everyone left, I sewed. My contractions started feeling like period cramps. I finished the orders and went to bed around midnight.


I was woken at 4am to contractions that were consistently 9-10 minutes apart. I downloaded a contraction timer, messaged a few friends/family, and started tracking the contractions. I didn't want to wake Joey because the contractions were still bearable, but not anything I could sleep through. Every time I'd start to drift off, I'd get woken up by another contraction. This went on for an hour and a half before I woke Joey and said "I think I'm in labor, but I want you to get some more sleep. I just wanted to let you know I am going to shower so you don't worry." I showered and the contractions picked up - I had 3 in a quick shower and they were getting more painful. Then, they slowed a bit. I laid in bed for a while. I can't remember what time I woke Joey up again, but I showered once more and the contractions picked up again. I remember standing in the shower, feeling every ounce of pain, but also feeling so empowered. I was so happy that I went into labor naturally (something I didn't get to experience with Cru), and that I could feel my body progressing, and I knew that all this pain meant I got to meet my newest, littlest love soon. Now, they were getting much closer. I finished packing some things, tried to hang out with Cru (just an hour or so earlier I tried to convince myself that we would be able to have a slow morning, decorating the Christmas tree together as a family, possibly in between contractions - Joey told me I was crazy), but the contractions started becoming super painful - like, I couldn't stand or talk through them kind of painful. Finally, around 8am, I called my mom at to come watch Cru. I am so thankful I called her, because by the time she got here at 9, my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and I was having to squat and breathe and work through the pain and Cru was a bit confused. Cru was so excited to see his "ammie and cha cha (what he has decided to call them)" so we headed to the hospital (not without a few tears on my end because I was so sad leaving Cru and worried for how he would adjust to it all). I had multiple contractions in the car (a 15 min drive) and a few in the parking lot and in the hospital hallways as well. I remember thinking "I'm THAT girl; the one who walks into the hospital truly IN labor" (again, all new to me). The triage nurse checked me and I was 6cm dilated. We were admitted at 11am, and Coen was born at 1:38pm after pushing for 3 contractions/10 minutes.

And, here he was. My tiniest boy. So perfect.

We did an hour of bonding time before the nurse even came in to weigh him. I felt so alert and so happy. I felt relieved that the pain was over, but also almost *sad* that it was over. I was so thankful to have a normal, and quick, and honestly "dream" delivery with Coen. **Not to say my delivery with Cru wasn't equally as special and amazing, but I had a life threatening syndrome with him and was unexpectedly induced and given tons of meds that made me feel really out of it and I almost felt a bit robbed of my "awareness" if that makes any sense.**

Anyways, I couldn't WAIT to see my Cru boy and for him to meet his little brother. Their meeting was joyful and sweet and full of love... so, so much love.


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Introducing the June Park Newborn Box

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Meet the June Park Newborn Box

The very first June Park Box, the newborn box, is a perfectly curated baby box. This box is made up of some of my absolute favorite baby products and would be a great way to welcome any new baby. Each box includes the same items, and is completely gender neutral. There will be 5 color options available which will determine the color of the pair of socks: Sand, Earth, Sage, Rose, and Sky.

Outfit: June Park organic romper
Moon Lovey: Moon Child Co
Beanie: Chloe Alexa
Booty Balm: Little Seed Farm
Pacifier Clip: The Wooden Fawn
 Graphics on insert by: Keiko Calligraphy

The items will be packaged up in a box with the pictured card showing where each item is from. The box will be wrapped in our exclusive June Park packing tape. No prices are included in the box so it can be sent directly as a gift if needed. Let me know if you need a little note card to be added!  

Price: $110 (FREE SHIPPING)




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Edible Pumpkin Play Dough

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It's officially pumpkin season! With everything from our coffee to our cereal popping up in pumpkin flavor this time of year, why not make edible pumpkin play dough for the kiddos too? Super sweet, squishy and vibrant in color, this play dough is sure to be a hit with your kids and is totally safe if eaten.

Ingredient List:

  • 2 tablespoons pumpkin flavored coffee creamer (the liquid kind) (or sub with any liquid of your choice)
  • 2 cups of powdered sugar, divided
  • food coloring
  • 2 tablespoons of oil (vegetable or olive oil)

Add 2 tablespoons pumpkin flavored coffee creamer to a bowl. Slowly mix in 1 cup of powdered sugar. Add second cup of powder sugar and keep mixing. It's helpful to use a stand mixer, but not necessary. Once crumbly dough starts to form, add oil. Now, it's time to taste and play! 

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Black Friday + Small Shop Saturday + Cyber Monday

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If you don't already know this about me, I absolutely love supporting fellow small shop owners and sharing some of the brands I love. Below you will find some of my favorite small shop sales (I'll be adding to this as I find the time). Leave a comment below with some small shop sales you are looking forward to!

June Park

Wed-Thurs: 30% off all MAMA items (excluding shoes). Code: MAMA30

Friday: 20% off all ready to ship items. Email subscribers will get an additional 5% off.

Saturday: 15% off your entire order

Sunday: One free bow with every $20 spent.


CODES TO COME. EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS will get 25% off on Friday so make sure to subscribe to our email list!


Little Urban Apparel

Sale: 35% off on Wednesday, 30% off on Thursday & Friday, and 25% off on Saturday & Sunday

Dates: 12am Wed-Sun

Code: will be given the day of the sale 


Sale: 25% off the entire site. Plus additional perks:

-Wednesday: Flash Sale Micros. An additional 25% off micros
-Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving. Eat a slice of pie for us:)
-Friday: Free leather carrier with orders over $150 while supplies last.
-Saturday: Flash Sale Tablecloths. An additional 25% off tablecloths
-Sunday: Enjoy the day off!
-Monday: 15% off with Free Shipping

Dates: now through Sunday

Code: NOIR

Little Pine Outfitters

Sale: 20% off on Black Friday, small biz sat I’m doing 20% off and 25% off $100+. Free shipping cyber Monday.



Sale: 25% off (email subscribers get an hour to shop before the code goes public) 

Dates: 8am on 11/24 through cyber Monday (or until sold out) 

Code: TBA

Darling Clementine

Sale: 15% off orders $50+ with code get15, 20% off orders $125+ with code get20, 25% off orders $200+ with code get25, 30% off orders $300+ with code get30

Dates: Runs through Monday 11.27 at midnight

Billy bibs

Ryee & Cru

Sale: 30% off sitewide

Dates: starts 11/23 at 12:01am


Sven Clogs

Sale: 20% off

Dates: Now through 11/27

Code: thanks 

Briar Handmade

Sale:20% off all bonnets

Dates: Thursday-Monday



Sale: 20% off all orders and 25% off orders of $40+ on 11/27 ONLY

Code: EZPZFUN20 and EZPZFUN25 (11/27 only)

Chewable Charms

Sale: 40% off all teething necklaces 25% off teether rings!

Dates: 11/22-11/26

Ultra Violet Kids

Sale: 20% off birthday sale collection

Dates: Friday-Monday


Kortni Jeane

Sale: Buy 1 get 1 free

Dates: Friday-Monday

Code: BOGO

The Crafted Co

Sale: 35% off + a free bow with every order over $100

Code: Check on IG

The January Moon

Sale: 20% off site wide 

Dates: Friday-Monday


Max and Moose

Sale:All blankets under $30 and free shipping on orders over $75

Date: Cyber Monday

Rylee & Cru

Sale: 30% off sitewide

Dates: starting 11/23 at 12:01am


Le Petit Organic

Sale: 40% off (excludes Jamie Kay)

Code: BLK40


Sale: 10% off one item

Code: jo8KbuYBBM

Noble Carriage

Sale:TBA; sign up for their newsletter to get all the details early!
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