The Perfect "Mom" Jeans

Posted by Katie Convertino on

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I love jeans.

I know I really only need a few good pairs, but it's one of those things I find myself wanting more of. Every once in a while, I set out to find the "perfect" pair and what really ends up happening is I have 10 different shopping carts full with thousands of dollars worth of jeans.

And so I sit. I contemplate. I narrow down. I buy a few.

Does anyone relate?

I've been particularly drawn to loose fitting and flared/cropped bottom jeans! I've been searching and narrowing down to my favorites so I thought I'd share a few here for anyone else that might be looking. Which ones are your favorite? Do you have any to add to my growing list? Leave a comment below!

I personally own these first ones from Madewell and they are my all time favorite jeans. I also own the high waisted Asos Jeans and love those as well! Both run true to size (or size down if you're in between)

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