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Many of you know that I love decorating and I’m so excited to share little snippets of our new home with you. One of the first rooms I worked on finishing was the boys room. We’re a cosleeping family so the boys sleep with us, but I wanted them to have their own space to hang out in. I love the way their room turned out; it’s simple, yet functional, and I know the boys will have fun hanging out and playing in there together. 

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bookshelf (Land of Nod) | Cheetah print & basket (Home Goods) | crib | washable rug | lion blanket | cloud pillow | wall hanging
I set the crib up in case Coen ended up being the baby that loved his own space, but he loves sleeping with us and being held 100% of the time, just like his big brother did. Eventually (when I get the energy), I'll take the crib down and I'm thinking about putting a Nugget couch in there for the boys! 

dresser | dressser knobs | humidifer | hangers | basket (Home Goods)

When we bought the house, this room had amazing built in shelves (not pictured because I still need to style them), and no closet doors. Immediately, I knew I wanted to leave the closet open and put a cute dresser in it. We just switched out the knobs on this dresser and it was perfect! To find out where I get a lot of the boys clothes, visit my personal IG @katie_convertino

washable rug

You guys, this rug is SO SO good and it's WASHABLE! How amazing is that? Cru is a major snacker and loves anything cheese flavored (see below) so we find orange marks everywhere. I love that I can let him snack it up in his room and not worry about having to clean stains off a cream rug!

I've done a little more to his room since and it's gotten a little messier and more filled with toys, but he loves having his own room to go into and play in!

Here are a few progress photos from when we were working on the room:


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