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Blueberry Super Smoothie

Posted by Katie Convertino on

Those of you that know me know that my son is a super picky eater. To be more clear, he barely eats anything. He's 22 months old an we are still nursing and he just refuses most foods. One thing he will eat: a smoothie. This is our go to smoothie; it's packed with yummy goodness



-almond milk

-spinach (I like to get this kind from Target because it comes frozen into the perfect size balls)

-frozen blueberries (I use these from Target as well)

-frozen banana

-almond butter

-cocoa powder 

I pretty much eyeball everything. I usually start with almond milk, add the spinach, and blend that up to make sure the frozen spinach ball gets all blended up (of course this wouldn't be an issue if you were using fresh spinach). Then, I add everything else. I add a heaping spoonful of almond butter, half a spoonful of cocoa powder (sometimes I leave this out if I'm lazy), about 1/4-1/2 frozen banana


 My Favorite Smoothie Gear

FOOGO THERMOS: My favorite smoothie cups are Foogo thermos cups because they keep it cold and Cru is easily able to drink the smoothie through the straw! I also love that I can snap the top closed for taking it on the go!

BOON STRAW LIDS: I also really love the boon straw lids because they can fit on any cup and are easy to take on the go or to have on hand for when friends are over. Fair warning that these are not spill proof, but they are convenient and perfect for toddlers that are a bit older.

METAL STRAWS: Joey and I like to use the metal straws for our smoothies.

NINJA BULLET: I have, use, and LOVE the Ninja bullet blender. It's made my life so easy for making smoothies daily for Cru and it's only $69 on Amazon! 






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